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Superficial Fine Lines and Wrinkles can be improved and plumped out- This is due to the stimulation in the production of elastin and collagen production


Pigmentation- The superficial exfoliation process can gently remove the top layer of the epidermis thus creating an instantly ‘whiter’ complexion in areas of pigment. Pigmentation appears when skin cells (fibroblasts) overproduce in a specific area. What is important is to limit sun exposure as this will encourage the overproduction of these cells every time. High SPF is recommended.


Acne Scarring- Once the bacterial infection has cleared, scars are left on the skin. The depth would have depended on the severity. Diamond Peel will slough off the dead skin cells which in turn will stimulate the production of new skin cells and this will improve the appearance of scarring at a superficial level.


Stretch Marks- This is fibrous tissue knitted together and commonly known as ‘scar tissue’. There is no blood through which it can flow so this area is ‘dead’. The skin around it still carries blood that nourishes, so with Diamond Peel, the area can be improved by stimulating the surrounding area.


Enlarged Pores and Dull Skin- Diamond Peel can help to close pores and due to the action of ‘taking off old skin cells’, the appearance of the skin looks more even, clean and glowing.


Absorption of Products- Where we take off the top of the epidermal layer, topical applications can be absorbed much deeper into the skin and are therefore much more effective.


Congested Skin- Professional removal of comedones (blackheads) and congested spots and pores.


Sun Damaged Skin- The appearance of the skin can be improved by the removal of the dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis. Pigmentation can be faded and a great success has been found in Asian and pigmented clients.


Eye Lift- Due to the refining tips and their use, the eyes can be treated and improvement can be seen. The eyes appear brighter, wider and lifted!

The Therapist has total control of Exfoliation- There are different grits giving different levels of abrasiveness, according to skin type and texture.


Visible Improvement- You should experience a visible improvement straight after their first treatment.   You can return to work as normal and there are little if no adverse reactions. The skin will appear fresher, cleaner, brighter and in many cases younger!.


Skin Conditions can be improved- Desquamation of dead skin cells in turn stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new, fresh skin cells, blood circulation is increased bringing fresh nutrients and collagen and Elastin production is stimulated. .




The ‘Suction’ method stimulates erythema which is the appearance of red blood cells coming to the surface to nourish it (erythrocytes).


Red Blood Cells contain nutrients, oxygen and skin regeneration.


Circulation Boost- Where the blood circulation is being stimulated, muscle tone and texture is also being improved.


Exercise- The muscles that may have lost their tone can be exercised leaving a feeling of having tighter skin.


Isometric Action- This is a lifting method which is not dissimilar to the appearance of ‘Botox’. It is most effective on the eyebrows, cheeks and jawline.




Full Facial with Diamond Peel £47

(1 hour inc. consultation)


Mini Facial with Target Diamond Peel £35

(half hour inc. consultaion)

A Target treatment is for those who only want to specifically target an area on their face such as lines on their forehead for example.


We can also use Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion on other body parts too.  It is fantastic on stretch marks and cellulite!